Stéphane Robin


Senior researcher (DR) at the Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique (INRA)
Joint research unit (UMR) 518 AgroParisTech / INRA, Applied Mathematics and Computer Sciences
16 rue Claude Bernard, F - 75 231 Paris Cedex 05
(3)(0)1 44 08 72 07, fax: (3)(0)1 44 08 16 66

  • Research groups:
    • Statistics for systems biology (SSB)
    • Algorithmic Issues for Inference in Graphical Models (AIGM)
    • Model Selection and Statistical Learning (Select)
  • Associate editor:
  • Teachings:
    • Master2 Mathématiques pour les Sciences du Vivant (MathSV), see lecture notes below
    • UE Modélisation statistique et analyse de données biologiques (ModelStat)


  • ABS4NGS: Algorithmic, Bioinformatic and Software solutions for the analysis of Next Generation Sequencing data. 2012-2016
  • EPIREG: Identification of chromosomal regions activated or inactivated by epigenetic mechanisms
  • Amaizing: Breeding for economically and environmentally sustainable maize varieties: an integrated approach from genomics to selection. 2011-2018
  • CNV-maize: Genome-wide association study between structural variation and agronomical traits and heterosis in maize. 2010-2014

Research interests

  • Statistical Methodology
    • Models with hidden variables (mixtures, HMM, ….)
    • Change-point detection
    • Random graph models
    • Variational approximations
  • Statistical Applications in Molecular Biology
    • Motif in DNA sequences
    • Transcriptiome analysis
    • Copy number variations in DNA
    • Interaction networks
    • Metagenomics



  • Nonparametric species richness estimation under convexity constraint arxiv:1404.4830
  • Network impact on persistence in a finite population dynamic diffusion model: application to an emergent seed exchange network arxiv:1404.4287, to appear in J. Theor. Biol.
  • Structured regularization for conditional Gaussian graphical models arxiv:1403.6168
  • A robust approach to multiple change-point estimation in an AR(1) process: arxiv:1403.1958
  • Bayesian Model Averaging of Stochastic Block Models to Estimate the Graphon Function and Motif Frequencies in a W-graph Model: arxiv:1310.6150

Publication list:




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